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Small Business Consulting

Purvis & Associates can get your business started the right way.  Do you need a business plan, an accounting system, tax consulting or just a question answered?  We can give you advice that could save a lot of money in the future.

Benefits of Choosing Purvis & Associates

bulletExperienced in small business startups.
bulletProven technical expertise in computer hardware and software.
bulletCommitted to exceeding customer expectations.
bulletFinancial consulting for future business plans.
bulletReporting and tax preparation for current business activities.
bulletRecommendations for continued business growth.



Purvis & Associates is uniquely qualified to provide just the advice you need to get that new business up and running or help you keep your business competitive.  Marty Purvis has over twenty years experience in preparing and evaluating business plans, advising clients about appropriate business structures, implementing accounting systems, providing operational recommendations, and performing system conversions.


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